Engaging Helen Hacker

Collected Works and Reflections of a Feminist Pioneer

by Heather McLaughlinKyle Green
Contributor: Christopher Uggen

Engaging Helen Hacker: Collected Works and Reflections of a Feminist Pioneer brings together the life and work of a foundational feminist scholar and tireless social activist. This collection combines reprints of Dr. Hacker’s writing from the 1950s through the 1990s, including several unpublished manuscripts, as well as biographical reflections that showcase her intellectual curiosity, personal grit, and commitment to marginalized groups. Moreover, Hacker’s continuous push for the study of new topics and for innovative ways of measuring social phenomena and understanding gender across institutions and intersecting identities helped lay the foundation for the work that followed over the next half century. Engaging Helen Hacker provides experts and non-experts alike the opportunity to revisit early writings on sex and gender, providing a renewed appreciation of the origins, evolution, and potential of feminist scholarship. Always the provocateur, Dr. Hacker would have hoped this collection inspires conversation and critique.


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