Religious Conflict and Accommodation in the Early Modern World

by Marguerite RagnowWilliam D. Phillips Jr.
Contributors: Frederick M. AsherStephen P. BlakeTimothy BrookLuca Codignola-BoDenis CrouzetGraeme MurdockWilliam D. Phillips Jr.Jamie Rae BluestoneMarguerite RagnowJames D. TracyAnne Marie Wolf

Dramatic events involving religious leaders and their more zealous followers have intruded on the world's stage in recent decades, bringing renewed attention to religion as a significant factor in modern society. This collection of essays, drawn from a conference inspired by the tragic events of September 11, 2001, explores religious conflict and accommodation in various places around the world in the early modern period. The individual studies, though focused on an earlier time, illuminated the challenges facing the early twenty-first-century world, some of which may be hauntingly familiar. Religious conflict has long been a worldwide issue, as these essays attest, yet as they also demonstrate, accommodation was not only possible, it was often quite successful.
This volume was originally published in print in 2011 by the Center for Early Modern History.

Cover Design: Amy Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Design. Cover Image: Pompeo Girolamo Batoni, Pope Benedict XIV presenting the Encyclical 'Ex Omnibus' to the Comte de Stainville, later Duc de Choiseul (1757), Courtesy of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, The William Hood Dunwoody Fund


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